DAY 1: It’s Time to Finally Do Something about these Bastards!

If you’re here reading my blog, it’s likely that you, too, have a plantar wart that you have decided must die. Maybe I lived in a state of denial for several years – I don’t really know! But there came a time where I finally decided to do something about my plantar warts. They had been living on the bottom of my left foot for about 3 years, and I believe it was one of those “out of sight, out of mind” issues.

Last year around Christmas 2016, they started to hurt when I walked. And then I became self-conscious about them and never wanted to be around people with bare feet. I guess those 2 issues caused enough pain that it gave me the incentive that I needed to kill them.

So… what now? Do I visit my doctor? Do I got to a specialist like a podiatrist and have them tell me what to do? Maybe. After reading some reviews on Amazon about Compound W, I decided I would try that first. Why? It’s cheaper. And growing up, my parents always used to use it to kill my warts when I was just a kid, so maybe they had a point?

Regardless, I went and bought some. Here’s what I bought at Walmart for about $7:

compound w fast acting gel

That’s right… this is the Compound W Fast Acting GEL. I had read that the “paint on” stuff with a brush dries out pretty fast and is hard to work with, so I thought this would be better.

So $7 later with a singular purpose to eliminate my embarrassing plantar warts, I set off on this journey.

Here’s a video of me applying my first round of Compound W:

Here’s a close-up of my plantar wart on day 1:

plantar wart close-up picture
My untreated plantar wart – probably about 3 years old.
close-up of 2 plantar warts
Here’s a close-up! Nasty, right? You can even see the black “seeds” (not really seeds, but that’s what they’re often referred to as).

I am showing you more of my foot so you can have some context in regards to how big it is. If you zoom in on the photo, you can see a smaller one just below the major one. Had I left that, it may have gotten as big as the top one.

I really hope this blog helps a few random internet users with their own warts. That’s lots of information and opinions out there about how to best remove plantar warts, and I thought I would add mine to those with a fun documentary of how I kill my own.

Enjoy (if that’s even possible!).

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