DAY 2: More Warts Revealed!

One thing I’ve learned since using a bit of Compound W is that distinguishes the normal skin from the wart very clearly even after one use! Here’s the day 2 picture:

Can you see them? I thought I had 2 for sure, but I wasn’t completely sure because there were some in the area (including one on my toes) that looked like they could be warts. Well… after applying the solution, it became pretty obvious. Numbers 1 and 2 are TINY, and I don’t think they’ll take long to kill. Numbers 3 and 4 are the main ones. I’ve learned that they often will grow in clusters and will continue to spread unless you take care of them.

Oh – one more thing, Compound W tells you to do this twice per day, and I am going to follow those instructions to a “T,” so morning and night I am applying the “Fast Acting GEL.” We’ll see how it does!

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