DAY 2: More Warts Revealed!

One thing I’ve learned since using a bit of Compound W is that distinguishes the normal skin from the wart very clearly even after one use! Here’s the day 2 picture:

Can you see them? I thought I had 2 for sure, but I wasn’t completely sure because there were some in the area (including one on my toes) that looked like they could be warts. Well… after applying the solution, it became pretty obvious. Numbers 1 and 2 are TINY, and I don’t think they’ll take long to kill. Numbers 3 and 4 are the main ones. I’ve learned that they often will grow in clusters and will continue to spread unless you take care of them.

Oh – one more thing, Compound W tells you to do this twice per day, and I am going to follow those instructions to a “T,” so morning and night I am applying the “Fast Acting GEL.” We’ll see how it does!

DAY 1: It’s Time to Finally Do Something about these Bastards!

If you’re here reading my blog, it’s likely that you, too, have a plantar wart that you have decided must die. Maybe I lived in a state of denial for several years – I don’t really know! But there came a time where I finally decided to do something about my plantar warts. They had been living on the bottom of my left foot for about 3 years, and I believe it was one of those “out of sight, out of mind” issues.

Last year around Christmas 2016, they started to hurt when I walked. And then I became self-conscious about them and never wanted to be around people with bare feet. I guess those 2 issues caused enough pain that it gave me the incentive that I needed to kill them.

So… what now? Do I visit my doctor? Do I got to a specialist like a podiatrist and have them tell me what to do? Maybe. After reading some reviews on Amazon about Compound W, I decided I would try that first. Why? It’s cheaper. And growing up, my parents always used to use it to kill my warts when I was just a kid, so maybe they had a point?

Regardless, I went and bought some. Here’s what I bought at Walmart for about $7:

compound w fast acting gel

That’s right… this is the Compound W Fast Acting GEL. I had read that the “paint on” stuff with a brush dries out pretty fast and is hard to work with, so I thought this would be better.

So $7 later with a singular purpose to eliminate my embarrassing plantar warts, I set off on this journey.

Here’s a video of me applying my first round of Compound W:

Here’s a close-up of my plantar wart on day 1:

plantar wart close-up picture
My untreated plantar wart – probably about 3 years old.
close-up of 2 plantar warts
Here’s a close-up! Nasty, right? You can even see the black “seeds” (not really seeds, but that’s what they’re often referred to as).

I am showing you more of my foot so you can have some context in regards to how big it is. If you zoom in on the photo, you can see a smaller one just below the major one. Had I left that, it may have gotten as big as the top one.

I really hope this blog helps a few random internet users with their own warts. That’s lots of information and opinions out there about how to best remove plantar warts, and I thought I would add mine to those with a fun documentary of how I kill my own.

Enjoy (if that’s even possible!).

Welcome to my Plantar Wart Killing Journey!

Hello! I’m just an anonymous dude on the internet with a cluster of plantar warts on my feet. Gross, I know. But I’m making this blog because I found countless opinions about what to do to kill plantar warts, and I wasn’t really sure what was best. Compound W is the most famous brand name over-the-counter option, so I decided to use it and document my experience.

The above video is my first in a serious that will document my wart-killing progress. Here’s the Youtube channel if you want to subscribe and follow along.

Additionally, here’s my other social media that will track my progress:


I’ve had these warts (the main one especially) for about 3 years or so, and I finally reached a point where I was (a) embarrassed because they’re pretty visible, (b) disgusted because they’re gross and (c) pained every time I take a step because they hurt like hell. Time to get these bastards killed!

All of my life’s problems will be fixed at that point. I can see joy, prosperity, and happy feet in the not-too-distant future!

Join me on my journey!